How to Go Viral with Your Videos: A Beginner's Guide

How to Go Viral with Your Videos: A Beginner's Guide

How to Go Viral with Your Videos: A Beginner's Guide
Noya Zwebner
Aug 3
8 min

How to Go Viral with Your Videos: A Beginner's Guide

In this session, Guy Tal, a seasoned content creator with an 8-year background, who created content for one of the most famous pianists in the world, Yuval Salomon (with more than a million views and over half a million followers on social networks), will give us the hacks we need not only to create content, but also to make it go viral.

So how did Guy's (unplanned) journey begin? 

It all began with a love story. Guy and Yuval, after a magical date, found themselves deeply in love. Once in a while, as a gesture of love, Yuval played the piano for Guy. Recognizing her potential, he suggested she pursue professional pianism and create content around it, and despite initial reluctance, they began producing content together on YouTube. The pair committed to a regular schedule, releasing a cover video once a week.

Fast-forwarding four years, Yuval's reputation grew exponentially. She not only gained 100M views and over half a million social media followers (YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram), but also engaged in prestigious collaborations with international piano companies (Petrof, etc.).

Their combined journey, rich in shared experiences, eventually led them down different paths, but Guy emerged with an unparalleled skill set. Reflecting on their success, he pondered whether it was a stroke of luck, Yuval's talent, or a systematic approach that could be replicated. Fueled by these questions, he began to create content by himself, embarking on a self-challenge to learn a new skill every week, documenting the process. He quickly realized that even his first videos were catching the eye of many viewers, and there seemed to be a systematic strategy and a winning formula that continued to work.

Unraveling the Secret of Viral Videos: Guy's Three Critical Elements

Ever wondered what it takes to make a video so captivating that people just can't scroll past? Here's Guy’s inside scoop!

1. Capture Attention: Stop the Scroll!
The battle for attention starts in the first three seconds. That's your hook. That's your moment to make viewers halt their rapid scrolling and dive into your video. This isn't easy, but Guy cracked the code with a blend of extreme sports, breathtaking falls, sudden movements, and more. His aim? To make people pause and question, "Wow, what am I watching?" Another way to create the “wow effect” is with something completely novel, like Yuval Salomon's foldable-to-full piano video. It racked up 80,000 likes and 800,000 views on Instagram Reels because people had never seen anything like it! Another example is Dean Graziosi, who took a radical approach by burning his book to promote it. Risky? Yes. Effective? With millions of copies sold, absolutely.

2. Spin a Tale: The Art of Storytelling 
We're wired to love stories. They pull at our heartstrings, tickle our funny bones, or shock us to the core. What's the magic behind them? They let us learn from others, whether through laughter or tears. Imagine a friend telling you they broke their leg. You'd be concerned, but you'd also want the story. How? Why? It's our natural curiosity. We want to learn from this experience, even if it's from egoistic interest. Stories are the path to emotions, and emotions drive engagement. Remember this formula: Story > Emotion > Engagement. That's your key to make videos that resonate and spread like wildfire.

3. Defy the Norms: Challenge Reality Without Apology 
Breaking records and doing the unprecedented isn't a walk in the park. But as content creators, we must challenge reality. Just look at politicians; they rarely apologize for their extreme and controversial content. You can borrow a leaf from their book. Be bold, like Dean Graziosi burning his book. Why does it captivate? Because books aren't supposed to be burned, and that's precisely the point (3.8M views)!

Why is content creation crucial for eCommerce businesses?

It fosters engagement, makes people feel involved and exposes your brand. eCommerce businesses need to create captivating content that makes customers familiar with their brand and offerings. This familiarity breeds comfort, enhancing their willingness to buy your products and trust in your brand. This recognizable branding provides a significant competitive advantage. Quality content promotes trust and connection, diffusing competition. Even with similar, cheaper products available, customers often prefer brands they identify with. Ultimately, branding and engaging content are key to driving sales in eCommerce.

Take an example of a video where an eCommerce business owner shares her personal story in a manner that is strikingly authentic, candid, and truthful.

@apricitestudios Listen to this if you’ve ever thought of starting your own business 🫶🏼 #solofounder #smallbusiness ♬ original sound - Apricité Studios

Questions from the Audience:

  1. What to do when trying to photograph ourselves but feeling uncomfortable?
    We've all felt the struggle of crafting the perfect self-portrait and the pressure to create something out of nothing in content creation. It often leads to dissonance and discomfort. Instead, shift from 'creating content' to 'documenting content,' capturing genuine moments. Embrace imperfection, document your life or business naturally, and watch the emotional connection with your content become fluid and authentic. This approach is not just more comfortable; it's a powerful strategy
  1. Is a professional camera essential for creating viral content?
    The short answer is no. While professional cameras have their value, they're not a prerequisite for engaging, viral content. Even a simple, authentic shot from a cell phone can garner 220K likes. The key lies in authenticity, not in flashy effects or professional quality.

Three Tips for Continued Success:

  • Find Inspiration in Viral Content: There's no shame in learning from others. See what's working, and don't be afraid to put your personal touch on it.
  • Engage Multiple Senses: Visuals are essential, but don't forget about sound. Adding voiceover to your videos can create a richer, more immersive experience.
  • Share the Details: Your audience wants to know about your journey. Share the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Whether it's a celebration of success or an honest reflection on difficulties, transparency can foster an emotional connection that leads to greater engagement.

Remember, whether you're an entrepreneur documenting your business journey or simply someone looking to connect more authentically online, these strategies can help you navigate the complex world of content creation. Authenticity is key, and these insights can help you embrace it with confidence. 

Happy content creating!

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