6 reasons outsourcing logistics is beneficial for your eCommerce business in 2023

6 reasons outsourcing logistics is beneficial for your eCommerce business in 2023

6 reasons outsourcing logistics is beneficial for your eCommerce business in 2023
Noya Zwebner
Mar 20
8 min

If you think running an online store is a simple task to get done right, think again - the solution: outsource logistics. It doesn’t matter which platform you sell on; thinking about where to store inventory, how to pack orders, and ways to reduce shipping costs can be overwhelming. Whether you are new to the game or with years of experience, in the long run, operating an online store can drain both your time and resources. Outsourcing your fulfillment will not only help you delegate your time better but will allow you to focus on other business objectives necessary for success, such as building an effective business strategy and growing a loyal customer base. By entrusting your shipping, warehousing, and order fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you can focus on your core business and leave the logistics to the experts.  In this article, we'll explore six reasons why outsourcing logistics for your eCommerce business will benefit your business this year.

1. A cost-effective solution:

As your eCommerce business grows and your order volumes and budget increase, externally managing your logistics will become more cost-effective than in-house logistics management. ECommerce fulfillment can take up valuable time and resources, to the point where all your revenue goes towards hiring extra staff, buying more equipment, and paying more for warehouse space and packaging materials. Why? Because the more in-house fulfillment you are required to operate, the larger your running costs will be. Simply put - The larger your workload, the more expenses your business generates. By outsourcing logistics to a 3PL provider, you pay a fixed fee to defer these expenses to an external company that can split them between multiple eCommerce businesses, thereby saving money as your business scales. 

2. Knowledge and expertise 

3PL providers, such as ehouse, are eCommerce experts with industry knowledge that would take most businesses years to figure out. Fulfillment centers are familiar with a range of platforms and systems, are up to date with international regulations, have networked with various courier companies, and have experience picking and packing items in all shapes and sizes. To make a long story short - they know their stuff. This expertise leverage is one of the main reasons many eCommerce businesses outsource logistics. When running an eCommerce business, relying on a 3PL’s experience and knowledge will save you unnecessary expenses and allow you to run your business a lot more efficiently. 

3. Order management efficiency 

Until you find the right order and inventory management process that works for your business, things can get pretty chaotic. When working with a 3PL provider, you're avoiding this problem entirely as they use comprehensive warehousing technology and have trained all staff to par. By outsourcing your logistics, you can streamline your operations and improve efficiency. 3PL providers implement necessary processes to ensure your orders are fulfilled accurately and on time. This can help you reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction while being provided with valuable insights required for decision-making and effective business strategy. 

4. Increased business flexibility and scalability

When running an online business, you are exposed to many external factors, some in your control and others that are not, resulting in sales fluctuations. Whether you are selling a seasonal product, or subject to external influences such as political or environmental limitations, customer demand is constantly changing. Outsourcing your logistics gives you the flexibility to adjust your operations as needed. You can easily change your shipping methods, adjust your inventory levels, and expand into new markets without having to worry about logistics. An experienced 3PL provider, such as ehouse, has the expertise and industry knowledge to adjust your business operations based on changes in the market or industry. This allows you to remain flexible and react correctly to external and internal influences that may affect your business.

5. Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of, if not the most critical factors contributing to the success and future of your eCommerce store. When you outsource logistics to a 3PL provider, they have the industry knowledge and access to data that will help improve your business operations across the entire supply chain process. Not only will your customer's orders be received and handled quicker, but they will be provided with faster and more accurate shipping, order tracking, and returns management. Logistics providers like ehouse also have strong networks with various carriers and suppliers. As a result, they can provide an ideal shipping solution for your clients, helping you build a loyal customer base and encourage future business. 

6. Focus on your core business

As your business expands, naturally, so does the length of your to-do list. When outsourcing logistics, you can save yourself some precious time instead of being weighed down and burnt out by endless amounts of tasks. Outsourcing logistics allows you to focus on other aspects of your business that are no less essential to its growth. You can spend more time developing new products, improving your marketing strategy, and building relationships with customers rather than worrying about logistics. Although the short-term benefits may be obvious, in the long term, this ease of mind will free time and energy to accelerate your business to the next level. 

To wrap it up, outsourcing your eCommerce logistics might be one of the smartest business decisions you will make in 2023. By entrusting your shipping, warehousing, and order fulfillment to a 3PL provider, the benefits are endless, but above all, your peace of mind is priceless. When you outsource logistics, you can rest assured that your orders are being fulfilled efficiently and accurately, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your goals. With that being said, if and when you consider outsourcing your eCommerce logistics, research your options carefully and choose a provider that aligns with your business goals and values.

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